sale villa beachfront with fornitures

By nature,

the house on the beach

has an invaluable location: in front of a strip of changeable white sand, which depends on the changes ofthe ocean currents.therefore,the landscape that it follows is not equal to any other day of the year, with the daily mutations of the high and low tides, which depends on the phases of the moon, thus add a priceless and a wonderful view.

The constant sea breeze refreshes a pleasant temperature that never drops below 20 degrees at night and between 33 and 35 degrees at daytime. A natural ventilation does not let the heat bother.Built to be part of nature, with 65 % in glass walls, this house gives the impression of not having divisions between inside and outside. Nature is present.

The house with 2 suites plus 1 bedroom. Each suite has its own private balcony.

In the Ground floor Suite:

The suite with an spacious environment, offers comfort and tranquility, with a sink outside the bathroom included in the bedroom. The balcoy of theground floor suíte has views either to the sea and to the beautiful tropical garden.Bedroom with 2 single beds, and service bathroom in the ground floor.

Ceramic flooring clear to wide frameworks in all bedrooms.

The master suite upstairs:
Master Suite: privileged of greater space, by opening the decorative curtains allows you to see part of the living room below. Your side balcony has an open view to the sea. Another suggestive internalbalcony all in wood, allows to see all the ground floor; ; glass walls allows a superb view 180 degrees from the beach or from the sea : a unique feeling of being on the bridge of a sailboat plowing the waves.
At the same floor there is a beautiful balcony facing the sea that with the complicity of iodine, helps to receive new ideas and energy. Unsurpassed landscaping to power the mind, a place designated by the eclectic owner: this is the balcony of the reading.Generous spaces on the ground.

2 living rooms and a spacious kitchen with an central island, has been the key to obtain a true OPEN SPACE. From any side of the house that you stand on the ground floor, it has views of the sea and the beach.

The large entrance hall with stripped woof floors spacious, has direct access to the modern kitchen with vibrant colors, the creative world of taste.Another large room to watch television with light wood and rustic flooring, vertical “Zen” garden completes this room.

Next to the main entrance hall, to the taste of the artist: requiring a study dedicated to his musical compositions, all in glass. A true spirit to feel always in contact com inspiring nature of the genes. A true spiritual sanctuary to feel in constant contact with nature, inspiring the creative muse of the composer.

A 11-foot-high right foot raised the house unique and elegant.

The raised 1-meter-high house, stilt-style, opens onto the generous pool, before access to the beach. The choice of stilt is the leitmotiv of all the villas in the village Village in The Beach Ecoluxury Beach Village.

A special mention goes to the decoration and interior design of the house; between modern colors and wood furniture, handmade and handcrafted, blend with a sense of art’s delight.

The 1,000-square-meter garden, with tropical plants and palm trees, surrounds the pool facing the sea, with natural wood edge.
Raised from the ground, it produces a dominant visual impact on the surrounding landscape, and there is no moisture that affects the construction. The height of the house also allows the females of crabs to periodically walk during the time of their reproduction.

  • Nous sommes arrivés à la fin de l’après-midi, avec le coucher du soleil …. un spectacle inoubliable. Dans notre semaine, nous avons eu de repos et de détente. Ma femme et moi avons connu le centre du village de pêcheurs, le temps semble s’être arrêté. Vraiment une expérience unique. Merci à vous tous.

  • I wanted to thank the team of Aldeia da Praia for the beautiful days spent and the serenity of posto.Grazie again soon. The weather was wonderful.

  • New sensations, where you can retrieve your energies, the mind opens to recharge your exhaustion of the day.

  • The ride to get there by boat is already very beautiful, when you arrive there, the feeling is to feel like Robinson Crusoe

  • I arrived, and the first impression was of me feel like in paradise

  • A different place, beautiful, out of the ordinary