Enjoy and nature

Enjoy and nature

The Camamu Bay is the third largest bay in the country, after the Bay of All Saints (Bahia) and the Bay of Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro). Replete with coconut trees and palm trees, the Bay has a great variety of untouched islands of all sizes, virgin beaches, rives, and abundant mangroves. Its waters are deep and calm, and the fauna has rare beautiful animals that live in the preserved forest.

Before we talk about eco-tourism, fishing, the inhabitants of Bay Camamu already knew where their wealth came.

A true mosaic of landscapes, in the midst of paradise islands, a rare marine life with fish and birds of every kind and type.

One of the last bastions of the world where nature proudly exhibits its undeniable beauty.

Camamu This is the third largest bay in Brazil after the Bay of All Saints, the state of Bahia, and the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro.

The Bay should go on board a speedboat or a fishing boat, so you can visit and bathe in the beaches’ beautiful and pristine as that of Ilha Grande, Ilha da Pedra Furada , those with fine white sand of Tubaroes, near the fishing village of Contract or on ‘natural atoll called chorus, a handful of sand in the middle of the bay.

Camamu Bay is great for water sports such as windsurfing, laser, hobby-cat and kayaks. The Atlantic veiled, habitat for rare species such as lion tamarin golden, rivers, ponds and waterfalls set the tone of this ecological paradise A spectacular view at sunset, still provides a panoramic view that delights the eye with such natural exuberanc