About us

We are a complete team:

Marketing, sales, administration,

A constant presence for your investment, receive an income and then, possibly, resell your property.
With many years of experience in Europe, we have hundreds of homes and commercial buildings, our builder is a dynamic solution for their investments, ideal to build the home above the batch that you have purchased with us. The experience of more than twenty years in the state of Bahia, with achievements either residential or inns is guarantee on their investment.
Our team is an entire organization to carry out their projects, construction of houses, shops, hotels.
Engineers, architects of our construction company that designs and builds the best price and best cost the property of your dreams , your home on the beach or your inn by the sea.
Through our web site is a tool to more serious and modern to achieve their goals in real estate.
A company with a constant presence in a market is very sophisticated and demanding, guided by the experience of our administrator -partner, bringing Europe to South America which is always an unknown factor: pre-defined goals while respecting the timetable for completion of the project by the end; proof of seriousness as primary characteristic, but combining imagination and fantasy with projects in Brazilian style, among the best in South America.

The customer with his heritage, is our investment.